Hydro Energy

Hydropower is vital to the world’s sustainable energy future and currently supplies min. 17 percent of global electricity demand. Ansar Engineering offers complete services for hydropower projects worldwide and especially in Afghanistan.

Whether solving a complex technical issue or developing a project from inception to generating revenue, Ansar Engineering’s engineers, scientists, geologists, economists, and construction support personnel have been providing a wide-range of hydropower services.

Our Team provides an end-to-end service to the hydro energy industry in Afghanistan including power for private developers and government organizations across the country. We're equipped with all necessary Services and Construction Equipment’s to fulfill our arrangements and Contracts with a high professionalism.

Our Team of experts is divided into Management, Design and Construction experts with their skills and experiences it is not a challenge for Ansar Engineering to complete hydro energy projects with a maximum return on investment, saving both time and expenses without sacrificing quality of work. We keep abreast of current equipment, methods, and systems developments, ensuring that we deploy the latest solutions and most comprehensive safety practices. We also maintain a focus on environmental stewardship, and work to minimize our environmental impact at hydro energy construction sites, as well as in the solutions we deliver.

From on-site inspection and laboratory testing to project management assistance and final reporting, our specialists apply comprehensive solutions to each construction phase of the project. The feasibility and design phase is a critical step for the success of a hydropower project. 

1. During the feasibility and design phase, our services include:

-  hydrologic and hydraulic modeling

-  impact studies and risk assessment

-  hydraulic resources and hydrogeological studies

-  basic design review

-  foundation stability analysis

2. Our scope of Hydropower construction services include:

-  project management assistance

-  construction plan reviews and supervision of geo-technical studies for soil and foundations

-  earthworks quality control

-  material testing including concrete, iron, compacted soil

-  laboratory testing (concrete, structural iron, etc.)

-  foundations inspections

-  welding procedures and welders qualification

-  Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

-  site inspection during electromechanical equipment installation

-  construction progress follow up

-  high and low voltage installations

-  lifts

-  cranes and lifting equipment

-  machines

-  valves and pressure vessels

-  fire protection systems

-  sub-contractors follow up

-  on-site health and safety coordination

-  training services

3. Dam safety is extremely vital to protect the wildlife and natural habitat of the surroundings. Among others, our dam safety services include:

-  dam safety evaluation

-  risk analyses of potential dam failure and dam failure investigations

-  emergency action planning

-  flood inundation studies and emergency action plans

-  development of dam safety monitoring programs (hardware and software)

-  development of inundation maps and input for emergency action and safety plans

-  dam safety inspection and training

-  tunnel and cavern inspection

-  inspection and monitoring during dam lifespan

-  failure mode effects and criticality analysis