It services

In our Consulting & IT business sector, we round off the planning and engineering services of our other sectors by providing comprehensive business management consultancy. Management Consulting is our competency center for international management and commercial consultancy while our broad range of IT services has been brought together in Ansar Engineering IT Consulting.

Our consultancy expertise is founded on, among others, our experience in providing support in strategic, transactional and organizational planning; project governance; and working out diverse IT solutions. Counting to our clients are financing institutes, government agencies and ministries, and local government as well as companies from the sectors of central utility services, waste management and traffic infrastructure.

1. IT Consultancy

The more dynamic the changes undergone by companies and their environment are, the more farsighted the IT responses must be to these transformations. Future-oriented organizations create flexibility in their business practices and open up new possibilities for their business models. Future projects based on digitalization under Industry 4.0, with interconnection of digital and customer-oriented processes coupled with the use of data for automation and decision making, permanently change the role of IT within the company.

With our consultancy offerings, we assist you in your radical development and change process and help you in implementing your digitalization and business procedures through practical advice, game-changing transferable solutions and specific experienced-based sectoral knowledge.

Specific services:

1. Consultancy for digital business models

2. Development of IT strategies

3. Elaborating IT architectures

4. Conceptual design of IT service management

5. Adoption of IT project management


2. Industry-specific IT Solutions

Often it is not possible to apply off-the-shelf software to innovative business models, IT solutions for gaining a competitive edge or specific performance and reliability requirements but rather they require a bespoke solution. Our wealth of experience in successful implementation of tailored software solutions by our qualified team of developers offers our clients a high quality option at an attractive price. Particular attention is paid to an intuitive operator interface that is matched to the tasks on hand. Through application of proven standard technologies, our solutions are scalable and remain maintenance-friendly. Numerous challenging specialist solutions for the energy sector, logistics and public services have been realized by Ansar Engineering in recent years as client- and sector-specific software developments. Our high level sectoral expertise and project managers certified under GPM / IPMA with experience in V-Modell XT guarantee your success.

Specific services:

1. Consultancy on specifications, concepts and project governance

2. Introduction of customer relations management (CRM)

3. Implementation of tailored solutions and web Portals

4. Creation of cutting edge simulation and optimization tools

5. Software solutions for operative and strategic asset Management

6. Support for maintenance and operation (on premises or via the cloud)