Solar Energy

Ansar Engineering Implements Solar Energy Projects with an Engineering and Management Team which is high qualified and with years of experiences in this field. Based on its experience in the field of solar energy, the company provides reliable and efficient solutions based on modern technologies.

Ansar Engineering makes its technological capabilities available to customers at any stage of Solar projects, from resource assessment, processing, engineering, design, construction, operation and maintenance. Along with our Solar Panel Manufacture Partners it is the main Goal of Ansar Engineering to provide his Contract Partner with the newest and High Quality Solar Energy Systems.

Our Team provides an end-to-end service to the solar energy industry in Afghanistan including for private developers and government organizations across the country. We're equipped with all necessary Services and Construction Equipment’s to fulfill our arrangements and Contracts with a high professionalism.

Our Team of experts is divided into Management, Design and Construction experts with their skills and experiences it is not a challenge for Ansar Engineering to complete Solar energy projects with a maximum return on investment, saving both time and expenses without sacrificing quality of work. We keep abreast of current equipment, methods, and systems developments, ensuring that we deploy the latest solutions and most comprehensive safety practices. We also maintain a focus on environmental stewardship, and work to minimize our environmental impact at solar energy construction sites, as well as in the solutions we deliver.


Whether your project is a Photovoltaic (PV) plant or a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant, our technical specialists have a multidisciplinary focus to meet your organization’s individual needs.

Solar energy project construction and assistance services can include:

1. Material Testing (concrete, structural steel for PV panel support, soil, steel for reinforcement)

2. Plan review of systems and subsystems (civil, electrical, mechanical, ancillary facilities, etc.)

3. Site inspection during construction for civil, mechanical and electrical installations.

4. Certification of equipment and installations (PED, ASME, IBR, CE marking and other European Directives)

5. Audits of sub-contractors

6. Project Management assistance

7. Quality, Health and Safety on-site coordination

8. Training

9. Permitting and Siting

10. Complete safety and code compliance plan review of all systems and installations, according to applicable local and international codes

11. Construction plan review

12. Foundations calculation verification

13. Geotechnical studies