Wind Energy

Ansar Engineering provides with new wind turbine technologies and construction methods a high international standard for Afghanistan. Global wind energy is quickly becoming an affordable alternative to oil, coal, nuclear, and gas-fired energy, and especially for Afghanistan is wind energy, with is High Potential (See the Study of Elliot), a not exhausted energy resource. Ansar Engineering, with its highly qualified team and experiences in this Field, has set as a goal to driving Afghanistan in this advancement.

Our Team provides an end-to-end service to the wind farm industry in Afghanistan including power for private developers and government organizations across the country. We're equipped with all necessary Services and Construction Equipment’s to fulfill our arrangements and Contracts with a high professionalism.

Our Team of experts is divided into Management, Design and Construction experts with their skills and experiences it is not a challenge for Ansar Engineering has given to complete wind energy projects with a maximum return on investment, saving both time and expenses without sacrificing quality of work.

We keep abreast of current equipment, methods, and systems developments, ensuring that we deploy the latest solutions and most comprehensive safety practices. We also maintain a focus on environmental stewardship, and work to minimize our environmental impact at wind energy construction sites, as well as in the solutions we deliver.


Our Wind Energy services includes:

1.      'Design and build’ or 'Build only' contracts for wind farm infrastructure

2.      Design review and detailed design engineering

3.      Investment Management

4.      Ground improvement and soil modification

5.      Sustainable drainage systems

6.      Piling solutions for turbine bases

7.      Control buildings and substation

8.      Ducting and cable installation

9.      Spoil management, landscaping and ecological enhancements

10.   Site investigations

11.   Water supply abstraction boreholes

12.   Project management of windfarm developments including;

13.   preparation or review of the Construction Method Statement (CMS) including environmental,           

14.   hydrological and ecological considerations, Health and Safety and build procedures

15.   design management

16.   stakeholder management

17.   site supervision