Architecture, Design and Engineering

Architecture, Design and Engineering

Architecture, Design and Engineering Services

Ansar Engineering core expertise covers all aspects of architecture and design related solutions. Whether rehabilitating an existing Project/Construction or designing a new Project/Construction, our team of well experienced designers offers sophisticated design solutions for any type of Energy Construction and Urban Development Constructions. Our multi-disciplinary in-house team ensures that all project aspects are planned from the start of the design process in order ensure full functionality of the Construction. Not only is the level of education but also the experience that qualifies our international design team to fulfil any type of Projects with high standards.

Our in-house planning team consists of architects, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers with a profound knowledge of the Afghan construction market. All of our designers and engineers are familiar with designing any Types of Projects according to the Internationals Construction and Design Codes and Standards. As part of Ansar Engineering’s integrated design process, we provide suitable and standardized solutions for any type of Energy Construction Projects. If required, our service can be extended to consultation and planning of larger Energy Projects. 

To get specific Information about our design Services please take a look at the business area you are interested in.

1.     Wind Energy

2.     Wastewater treatment

3.     Fossil Energy

4.     Solar Energy

5.     Hydro Energy

6.     Biomass Energy

7.     Urban Development