Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services


Before starting with a design, many critical design data has to be available. This is even more valid for places like Afghanistan, where building standards are absent and self-sufficient building schemes are key to the longevity of a project. Ansar Engineering has an excellent in-house team that deals with all building aspects, understands the market and people we are planning for. Before commissioning a design, our team helps clients to find the right strategy in the first place. Our consultancy service extends from site assessments to comprehensive technical studies that help shaping the appropriate approach for each project. Our team sees every project as a new challenge to improve building designs, every approach to a project is therefore unique.

1.     Wind Energy

2.     Wastewater treatment

3.     Fossil Energy

4.     Solar Energy

5.     Hydro Energy

6.     Biomass Energy

7.     Urban Development